Technical Parameters

KNG-LB102-20 Technical Parameters
Parameters Unit Technical Standards
Appearance Black-gray paste
Total Solid Content % 5.30±0.20
Conductive Carbon Content % 5.00±0.19
Moisture Content ppm ≤1000
Viscosity mPa·s ≤3000
Metal Impurity Content
Cu ppm ≤5
Zn ppm ≤5
Cr ppm ≤5
Fe ppm ≤10
Co ppm ≤5
Ni ppm ≤5
  • The product formula can be customized according to the actual use effect of the user
  • Can provide users with high-purity graphene powder and water-based graphene slurry


Graphene Paste Manufacturer : Graphene conductive paste KNG-LB102-20 uses Bravecount sixth-generation graphene technology and is produced by the company’s original mechanical peeling method. The product is mainly made of ultra-high-purity graphene paste manufacturer and dispersant as raw materials, using a special graphene peeling and dispersion process, and uniformly dispersed in NMP solvent. Using graphene excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and ultra-flake layer structure, matched with other conductive carbon materials, an efficient conductive network can be formed on the positive electrode material, thereby reducing the internal resistance of the lithium battery and improving the rate performance and cycle of the lithium battery life.

Advantages of KNG-LB102-20

  • Better conductivity: using ultra-high purity/less defect graphite as raw material, with an original soft mechanical peeling process
  • More reliable quality: the use of highly automated production lines, strict quality control system and complete inspection equipment
  • Less metal impurities: the whole system controls metal impurities, and there is more investment in equipment for removing metal impurities
  • Better application performance: can reduce the internal resistance of the lithium battery, improve the rate performance and cycle life of the lithium battery

Typical Applications

Lithium iron phosphate battery Lithium Cobalt Oxide Battery Ternary lithium battery



The physical properties of the above products are for reference only, not as the company’s shipping commitment or acceptance criteria. The data provided above is only general information, which is currently known to us. Because of the new and wide range of applications and applications of this product, some are even beyond our control. Therefore, even if Bravecount does not inspect all the necessary information in the actual application, we do not assume any responsibility. The company reserves the right to improve product parameters.


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