ETL Approved IPX7 120V GFCI Plug Winter Garage Driveway Non-slipElectric Rubber Snow Melting Mats


IPX7 120V Electric Snow-Melting-Mat with ETL Approval

This heated rubber snow and ice melting mat prevents snow and ice accumulating on the outdoor walkways, stairways and driveways around your house, storefronts or industrial and commercial facilities.

This portable and plug-in & play heated rubber snow and ice melting mat can be applied outdoor during the whole winter without any manitenance.

The material adopted is high elastic vulcanized styrene butadiene rubber, which features excellent mechanical strength, duralibity, high elasticity and high-low temperature resistance, This makes the mat environment friendly and flame retardant.

Technical Data  Value
 Wattage  120W/300W
 Voltage version optional  110-120V; 220-240V
 Power (W/square ft)  40-50 (customizable)
 Size (inch)  10*38*0.3


 Product weight (lbs)  6.5


 Cable spacing (inch)  1+-0.05
 Snow melting efficiency  1.5”-2.5” per hour
 Cold lead  10ft


 Material Specifications  Value
 Appearance  Black elastomer
 Proportion (g/cm3)  1.2+-0.02
 Hardness shore (A)  60+-3A
 Tensile strength (mPa)  ≥15mPa
 Elongation at break (%)  ≥350%
 Hot air aging (70C*168h)  Strength change rate: +-15%

Elogation change: +-25%

 Low brittle temperature (C)  ≤-40C
 Compression permanent deformation (70C*24h)  ≤25%
 Oxygen index  ≥30


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