KNG-FT2002 Graphene Nanoplatelets Specifications

KNG-FT2002 Specifications
Parameter Index
Appearance Black gray powder
Bulk Density 0.18~0.25g/ml
Granularity (D50) 90.0~130.0um
Moisture Content <1.5%
Carbon Content >95.0%


Typical Applications

Thermal conductive plastic

Graphene Nanoplatelets Powder

KNG-FT2002 Graphene Nanoplatelets Powder (Thermal Conductive)

KNG-FT2002 graphene nanoplatelets are developed for high thermal conductivity composite materials. It is composed of graphene-layered accumulations with a thickness in the range of 5-100 nanometers. As a thermally conductive filler, it can be added to plastics, elastomers, and rubbers to greatly improve thermal conductivity.

Excellent Thermal Conductivity

By adding KNG-FT2002 graphene nanoplatelets crush to the thermoplastic, the thermal conductivity of the graphene thermally conductive plastic can be increased by several tens of times.

Good Compatibility

KNG-FT2002 graphene nanoplatelets powder is compatible with various polymer substrates, and is also suitable for melt processing methods such as extrusion, injection molding, open mixing, and internal mixing.


Used as a thermally conductive filler, compared with the traditional metal oxide, the specific gravity is smaller, and the weight of the obtained product is lighter.